About PeopleKeys

The most highly validated and accredited provider of private label and customized DISC and associated behavioral solutions worldwide.

A Global Leader in Unlocking Human Potential

PeopleKeys has had success in behavioral analysis and unlocking human potential for over 35 years. As a world leader in customized behavioral assessments and delivery systems, PeopleKeys prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, an international platform, and the most customizable and tailored solutions around.


Our Mission

PeopleKeys is a global technology company focusing on innovative and comprehensive behavioral solutions. Its mission is to market and distribute user-friendly, cost-effective, high-quality DISC products to partners worldwide.


Why Choose PeopleKeys?

What separates PeopleKeys from our competition is our experience in providing customized, private label behavioral solutions to a network of thousands of businesses and organizations and in countless, diverse industries and markets. From Fortune 500 companies to independent shops and non-profit organizations, we know the issues and the complexities that make running a successful business a challenge, and provide customized tools to meet each business's needs.

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Our Vision

PeopleKeys' vision is to be the largest provider of private label and customized DISC and associated behavioral solutions worldwide.

The PeopleKeys & IML Partnership

For over 30 years, the Institute for Motivational Living (IML) has been observing, studying, analyzing, and tracking trends in human behavior and behavioral analysis. The Institute conducts studies, designs, writes, and publishes all intellectual property, behavioral assessments, and courses of study delivered through PeopleKeys online technology. IML copyrights everything delivered by PeopleKeys technologies and websites.

PeopleKeys has partnered with the Institute for Motivational Living to deliver the most valid and reliable DISC personality system and behavioral solutions around. The Institute for Motivational Living consists of the research team, think tank, writers and publishers of all behavioral materials and behavioral courses supplied exclusively by PeopleKeys technology & delivery systems, PeopleKeys brand websites, and provided through PeopleKeys training, certification and accreditation courses. PeopleKeys consultants and trainers are experts in customized behavioral solutions, building a perfect fusion between technological solutions, behavioral trainings and assessments, and expertise in DISC & behavioral application.

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