Transform Your Career with DISC Certification

Whether you are in management, serve as a coach, work in HR, or are a professional aiming to enhance your interpersonal skills, obtaining DISC certification can significantly enhance your understanding of your teams and clients.

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Unlock Advanced Strategies and Career Potential

DISC certification helps you learn high-level approaches for interpreting reports and profiles. Certification also enables you to gain strategies for leveraging your DISC expertise into career and consulting opportunities.


Precise Candidate Matching

Identify candidates aligned with your company culture, ensuring long-term success in your team.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Craft strategies based on DISC insights to enhance team engagement and job satisfaction.

Positive Workplace Culture

Foster a cohesive and harmonious workplace culture through team building.

PDCs and CEUs for Recertification

Our DISC certification provides up to 30 PDCs towards your SHRM recertification and up to 3 IACET CEUs.

Tailored Training & Development

Develop targeted training programs using DISC insights to accelerate your the growth and potential of your workforce.

Ongoing Customer Support

Have a question or run into an issue? Worry not, as the exceptional PeopleKeys Customer Success team is here to help.

Two DISC Certification Options

To become DISC certified by PeopleKeys, you need to complete our Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) course. We offer two versions: CBC, which is fully self-paced and online, and CBC+, which includes the same material plus live training for those who prefer a live learning component.


Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC)

This DISC certification course is 100% online and self-paced, with a focus on use in business applications, from coaching or consulting to hiring, talent management, sales, and customer service. This option is great for individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace and don’t need access to live webinar-style instruction with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer.

  • 100% self-paced and online
  • Earn SHRM recertification credits and IACET CEUs
  • Printable certificate & Credly digital badge
  • Only $995 (USD)

Certified Behavioral Consultant PLUS (CBC+)

This option includes the same material as the CBC self-paced online course plus two hours of live webinar-style training with PeopleKeys Master Trainer John Schindell. This option is perfect for learners who prefer to have guided instruction with the ability to ask questions and engage with a live instructor to maximize your DISC learning experience.

  • Engaging live review of course material
  • Earn SHRM recertification credits and IACET CEUs
  • Printable certificate & Credly digital badge
  • Only $1,195 (USD)

DISC Certification Course Outline

To earn certification as a PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC), you must successfully complete both parts of the CBC course: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (IBA) and Advanced Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Part 1: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (IBA)

This structured online training unfolds in distinct course elements, guiding you through a seamless learning experience.

Course Elements:

  1. IBA Course Introduction: Dive into the course highlights and essentials to set the stage for your learning journey.
  2. IBA Certification Workbook: Download and print the workbook as a valuable reference tool to accompany the audio-visual segments, offering a comprehensive guide for effective learning.
  3. IBA Section One & Two: Immerse yourself in audio-visual elements, exploring background, theory, and case studies. Keep a notepad handy for essential notes.
  4. Taking the DISC Assessment: Learn to interpret DISC assessment graphs and experience the assessment firsthand. Online instructions guide you through the process.
  5. DISC Technical Supplement: Enhance your understanding with a downloadable supplement, delving into technical data like validity and reliability.
  6. IBA Proficiency Exam: Conclude your journey with a 50-question exam. Use your workbook and notes, aiming for a score of 80% or higher for certification.
  7. IBA Course Evaluation: Share your feedback to enhance future courses. Complete this element to unlock, view, and print your well-deserved Certificate.
Part 2: Advanced Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

This online training is meticulously crafted into distinct course elements, ensuring a comprehensive exploration.

Course Elements:

  1. Course Introduction (Digital Download): Familiarize yourself with the course structure and expectations outlined in the Course Introduction.
  2. Advanced Behavioral Analysis Course Workbook (Digital Download): Access a detailed workbook featuring sixteen case studies, enhancing your learning with personalized notes.
  3. Case Studies: Immerse yourself in sixteen real-world case studies, dissecting diverse scenarios and behavioral patterns.
  4. Advanced Behavioral Analysis – Conclusion: Conclude the course with insights into Motivation, Situational Leadership, and Communication.
  5. Teams & Values Training: Explore Thinking Styles and Values Styles, delving into TEAMS and LEPJ frameworks.
  6. Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI): Introduce yourself to the I-SPEAK Behavioral Attitudes Index, uncovering six distinctive behavioral styles.
  7. PeopleKeys 4D Reports with BAI: Dive into comprehensive reports covering Observable Behavior, Thinking Styles, Workplace Values, and Behavioral Attitudes.
  8. BAI Development & Case Studies: Deepen your understanding with insightful discussions and case studies led by Dr. Bradley Smith.
  9. Advanced Behavioral Analysis Proficiency Exam: Conclude your journey with a 40-question exam, utilizing case study notes and audio-visual sections. Aim for a score of 80% or higher for certification.
  10. Course Completion: After passing the exam, complete the Course Evaluation to unlock and print your Certificate. Revisit exam questions and answers for five years.

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PeopleKeys certification courses are a great investment. Understanding your people’s dominant fear, motivators, and identifying when their mask is up is helping my clients improve relationships.
Aaron Behunin
I love using PeopleKeys for 1:1 coaching of leaders at all levels and for individuals who just want a bit more insight into themselves. I also love using DISC for team development and how they communicate!
Gina Brelesky
Leadership & Learning Coach
I hired a business coach who introduced me to DISC. I've been considering this for 6+ years and just never really found the right fit. When I found PeopleKeys, it was like a slam dunk. I'm not going anywhere else.
Michael Morrison
Business Coach & Entrepreneur