DISC for the Real World

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Real World Behavioral Applications

PeopleKeys has had great success giving short and specific behavioral training sessions in webinar format. In these sessions, we apply one of our behavioral solutions, such as DISC behavioral analysis, to a specific real world application. If there's a topic or application you'd like to learn more about that isn't covered below, contact us to let us know your suggestions of areas you’d like us to cover.

For training, certification and accreditation in DISC, please see our Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) and Certified Behavioral Life Coach (CBLC) certification packages.


More Winning! Goal Setting Strategies

Studies show that individuals who set goals will achieve better results than those who do not. Learn how to succeed with tips designed to help you set and achieve realistic goals. Get encouraged to set goals in your career, education, and personal life. Gain the tools you need to achieve and succeed!

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How to Choose a Meeting Leader

Learn how to use observable behavior in your company meetings to identify the different DISC leadership styles around you. Every DISC style has their own unique purpose in meetings, and it's important to understand how they communicate.

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How to Deal with a Sandwich Thief

If conflict is not handled quickly and effectively the results can be damaging. Keep your organization working effectively by understanding how best to communicate with different DISC personality styles to improve morale, increase productivity and reduce turnover in your organization.

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Strategies for Fixing a Bad Day

You are better equipped than you may know for taking charge of your life. Each person comes with a different set of strengths and limitations. Being aware of your personality style will help you take charge of your life and leave you better equipped to face whatever life throws your way.

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How to Plan the Best Vacation Ever

Your idea of a great vacation may be different than someone else's, but that doesn't mean you both can't have a great time. Learn how understanding personality styles can help you plan a vacation that will include elements to make everyone happy.

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Effective Talent Management

Learn the art of effective talent management to recruit, retain and develop your best employees with the DISC behavioral system. Take a proactive and strategic approach to creating a superior workforce in the way you select, train, develop, retain, promote, and move employees through your organization.

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What Should I Charge?

Learn how to price your coaching or consulting services, including DISC and other behavioralpersonality reports. What you should charge depends on several factors, including your experience, credentials, the current market and your confidence. 

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The "Workshop" Workshop

Facilitating your first few online or in-person DISC training can be daunting for new coaches or consultants. Use this video as a framework for how to conduct your own successful DISC workshop regardless of how you are presenting to your clients.

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Become a Better Test Taker

These are the secrets to academic success every student, teacher and parent should know. Studying more isn't always the solution to getting better grades...the secret is studying smarter! By understanding how you are wired to learn, you can retain more, understand more fully and ultimately get better grades. Unlock your inner genius by learning how you learn best.

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"Go to Your Room!" Insights for Parenting

Every parent, grandparent, babysitter or guardian should know this stuff. Understanding how your instinctive parenting style either meshes or clashes with that of your child can make the difference between fun or frustration. Learn proven parenting techniques that will help you improve communication and build stronger relationships.

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Follow me! DISC for Leaders

Leadership development is central to creating successful, productive teams. Gain a greater understanding of what motivates you and those around you. Learn how to maximize the performance of your team. Discover how to capitalize on your inherent strengths and minimize your limitations. Real improvement requires more than simply changing systems and procedures. It requires a changing in the way people think and behave.

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DISC for Coaching Teams

Learn the basics of DISC theory and how it applies to a group of people or team with the PeopleKeys Group Dynamics Report. Using the Group Dynamics report gives a visual team dynamic so clients can see team strengths, limitations, communication styles, and how teams might improve office harmony and reduce conflict.

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How to Beat Holiday Stress

Stress is different for everyone. Your personality type can play a major role in what stresses you and how you behave under stress. It's easy to become stressed out during the holiday season, but apply these behavioral tips to keep calm.

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The DISC Factor - Train the Trainer

This train the trainer recorded webinar will help coaches or consultants sharpen their skills on DISC theory and how to communicate with clients and others around them.

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Behavioral Selling

Recognize your instinctive sales style as well as the buying styles of your customers. Learn how to adapt your selling style to meet the needs of your customers, allowing you to build rapport, influence others, and ultimately close more deals.

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