Unlock Your Human Potential with PeopleKeys

PeopleKeys has been successfully unlocking human potential worldwide for over 35 years, and offers a customizable suite of online behavioral solutions. Our online DISC assessment not only allows you to discover your personality style, but is a highly reliable and valid tool for enhancing communication, strengthening relationships, improving workplace dynamics, and building stronger teams. There's no better way to understand more about your personality or how it affects your day-to-day life.

  • PeopleKeys DISC is the most validated and accredited
  • Most customizable DISC assessments on the market
  • ISO 27001:2017 certified
  • Ongoing customer service and support

Note: This is for business and corporate evaluation only. PeopleKeys does not offer free DISC assessments for personal use.

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Higher Value, Lower Pricing

PeopleKeys’ products and training materials are built upon decades of research and practical application and are trusted by some of the most renowned organizations in the world. PeopleKeys is a globally recognized leader in customized, validated, and reliable behavioral assessments for corporate, educational, and governmental clients, delivering over 100 different products.

  • Customize your reports with your logo
  • Complimentary business portal available
  • Volume discounts start at 10 units
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Leader in DISC Technology

As the first ISO 27001 DISC provider, PeopleKeys leverages its technological platform to deliver behavioral assessments; collect, store, and analyze results; and provide a single source solution that helps companies hire, train, and retain top talent.

PeopleKeys is the provider of the most accurate and legal predictive hiring system, in addition to providing the most customizable DISC assessments on the market. Our patented technology is available internationally, 24×7, with assessments and reports in 36 localized languages.

  • Toggle between 36 localized, hand-translated languages
  • First ISO 27001 DISC provider
  • API available for partners

We would absolutely recommend PeopleKeys and their services in the future. I know your team pulled out everything you could for us in a short amount of time and we truly appreciate it.

Monica M.
Business Manager, Microsoft, Xbox Division