Sales Strategy & Training

Sell in the way others want to be sold

Selling Behaviorally

No two customers are exactly alike. So why approach them the same way?

As a customer, you know how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of a well-intentioned, but completely unconvincing sales pitch. Good sales and customer service representatives know how to read a customer’s personality type, and can adapt their own personality style to better match the needs of that customer.

By using DISC theory to understand the personality styles and predictable behaviors of the people to which you’re selling, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to suit each individual customer. Similarly, understanding your own personality allows you to control the dynamics of your interaction with clients and make adjustments that will ultimately lead to more sales and better customer relations.

If you use the same sales strategies with every customer, you’ll never please everyone. Using DISC analysis to mold and adapt sales techniques so that they are tailored to the client’s personality-based needs, interests, and fears is the key to closing deals.


Understanding your personality style will allow you to effectively adapt your natural tendencies in order to meet the needs of your customers and clients.

What's my Sales Style?


Understand Your Customers

Every person has their own unique personality style. Each person will act and communicate according to their inherent behavioral style. Your sales people will instinctively communicate with their clients based on their own behavioral style, just as clients will react according to theirs.

Being able to recognize your own selling style, the selling style of your sales force, and the personality styles of your clients and customers will give you valuable insight you can use to:

  • Establish rapport
  • Open lines of communication
  • Build trust
  • Motivate
  • Close more sales

"It's important for sales people to understand why people do what they do in order to sell them effectively."

- Sandy Kulkin, Ph.D


The “D” style in Sales is effective because they are:

  • Visionary thinkers
  • Genuinely motivated to win the sale
  • Confident, bold and daring
  • Not afraid to meet challenges

However, they are very task-oriented and often overlook the importance of building relationships as part of the sales process.


The “I” style in Sales is effective because they are:

  • Charismatic and influencing
  • Great communicators
  • Optimistic, encouraging and eager
  • Not afraid to be “different”

However, they can be “people pleasers” and may have difficulty saying "no" or closing the sale.


The “S” style in Sales is effective because they are:

  • Inclusive, supportive and caring
  • Great team builders and peacemakers
  • Hardworking, reliable and dependable
  • Willing to “lead by example”

However, they are instinctively reluctant to make quick decisions and resistant to change; they may need to build consensus prior to taking any kind of action.


The “C” style in Sales is effective because they are:

  • Great planners
  • Experts in their field
  • Well-researched and reasoned
  • Highly disciplined and skilled executioners

However, they prefer the “tried and true” and may be hesitant to "chart new territory."  They may also hesitate to act quickly without taking the time to gather facts, figures and data.