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Level Up with DISC Training & Certification

Whether you are new to the world of DISC, or looking to take your knowledge of DISC to the next level, PeopleKeys can offer you a DISC training package to fit your needs.

PeopleKeys is an IACET accredited provider, and qualified participants can receive between 1.5 and 3 CEU* credits on certain training. Learn more about IACET authorized CEUs here.

IACET Accredited Provider


DISC Certification Courses

Our DISC certification courses offer a total package of combined Level 1 and Level 2 DISC training. Learn high-level approaches for interpreting DISC tests and reports, and be introduced to strategies for leveraging your DISC expertise into career and consulting opportunities. All of our certification programs are available online, with instant electronic delivery. 

Learn more about our DISC certification & accreditation packages below:

DISC Training Courses

Our online Level 1 introductory DISC training course provides an engaging and insightful overview of the history, theory, and applications of DISC behavioral analysis.

Our online Level 2 advanced and applied behavioral analysis courses are meant to follow the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis course. Each focuses on case studies and application of DISC theory with an emphasis on different scenarios, one being business and the other faith-based. 

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DISC Continuing Education

DISC continuation education programs are designed to provide insight into specialized applications of DISC. Through our continuing education courses, you can take an in-depth look at a specific field, career, concept, application, or idea that meets your personal interests or your organization’s needs.

Our online DISC continuing education courses include:

*IACET Accreditation

The International Association for Continuing Education (ICET) [] is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest possible standards for continuing education and training. Together with their network of experts, IACET develops benchmarks and rigorous standards for continuing education classes that must be met in order to receive IACET approval. As a result, students can be assured that IACET-Approved companies deliver the best learning experience available on the market.

*CEU Credits/em>

CEU credits are a standard unit of measurement designed to represent an individual’s educational experience. CEU credits are an internationally-recognized method for documenting professional development, and can be leveraged into maintaining professional memberships, receiving certification, obtaining professional credentials, and qualifying for licensing. CEU credits can only be awarded upon completion of our courses.

Our level 1 DISC Training Course qualifies participants for 1.5 CEUs.

DISC Certification Courses qualify participants for 3 CEUs.

DISC Continuing Education courses are not currently eligible for CEU credits.